Frequently Asked Questions


What are the high touch points cleaned?
High touch points are cleaned in every guest room prior to the guest’s arrival. These touchpoints include:


What cleaning products do you use?
The products used are EPA-approved ECOLAB chemicals. Ecolab Peroxide Based Multi-Service Cleaner and Disinfectant EPA reg # 1677-238


What cleaning products are used for the bathrooms?
Ecolab Scrub Free which carries an EPA approval rating. This cleaner/disinfectant is used in bathrooms and on tubs.


How many minutes are room attendants given to clean, sanitize and disinfect an occupied guest room?
How long for a room that is being turned?
Approximately 30 and 35 minutes on average.


What is task separation/worker hygiene between handling or collecting soiled linens and then handling clean linens?
Proper PPE is used for all tasks, including single use gloves, gowns and face masks. Linen is transported in covered bins. Soiled cleaning towels are changed out for clean after every room is cleaned.  Washers are disinfected when a dirty load is being processed to prevent cross-contamination. Linen is transported in
separate carts for clean or soiled linens.


Which items in the linen package are washed daily when a guest remains in the same room?
Soiled towels upon request, which are exchanged for clean towels.


Which items in the bed linen package are washed between guests?
All (as of June 1, 2020 we converted to multi-sheet instead of bedspreads).


Which items in the bed linen package are NOT washed between guests?
All linens in contact with the guest are laundered. Some items are generally not washed such as bed skirts, pillow protectors and mattress pads.


What are the controls for room turnover and booking?
Will there be implemented minimum gaps (days) between room turnover/occupancy?
Where a guest reported COVID-19 symptoms, we currently apply a 14-day hold on the room before taking next guest.
Otherwise, normal daily turnover practices apply.


Is there fresh air exchange in guest room HVAC units?
Central HVAC System refreshed by interior plenum.


Does the hotel use any specialized air treatments or dryers (ozone, fans) in rooms?
If ozone units are used, what is the re-entry for staff and guests? Rooms that have a known COVID patient within are
treated with HEPA or UV/HEPA devices to mechanically clean the air for a minimum of four hours. All guest rooms and
public areas are cleaned and disinfected with EPA approved chemicals.




Do you have employee health screening protocols and what are the protocols for elevated risk employees?
Associates are required to take temperature 2 hours prior to work and not come if they have elevated temperatures.
Hotel associates are not classified as elevated risk employees.


Are employees required to wear cloth masks? If so, for what tasks or jobs?
May depend on then current governmental or brand recommendations or directives. Atrium direction is for
housekeeping staff to wear masks, gloves and gown. In known COVID rooms, added protections include face shield, N-95 mask
and shoe coverings.




Please state a summary or checklist of the high-touch points that are cleaned, product used, method applied
and frequency.
Hotel Guidance below from Atrium Hospitality, and if state or local guidance requires further measures these are
added. Below are minimum standards.


Fitness Centers


Pool Area


Public Restrooms


Elevators and Stairwells | Vending Areas | Guest Laundry


Lobby/Common Areas


Hotel Vans


Is the fitness area open for use? Any controls for occupancy or distancing?
Will depend on then-current governmental directives.


What is the Elevator occupancy or distancing?
Will depend on then current governmental directives. Atrium Hospitality’s direction if no other guidance exists is
a maximum of 2 persons per car.


What is the process by which guests can collect ice from public ice machines?
No open bin ice machines are available to guests. Ice machines are disinfected by hotel staff at required frequency, no less than every two hours.


What food service options are expected to be available during our stay?
Guidance compliant with local health code and CDC guidance will be in place when F&B outlets re-open.